Presidential Cup Semifinals, Determination of Wawa Bring Bali United to the Finals

Liga Indo News – Toward the second leg of the 2018 Presidential Cup semifinal against Sriwijaya FC, goalkeeper Bali United is determined to return to bring his team advanced to the round of this preseason Live draw Hk tournament.

This second leg will be held at the cage of Bali United, Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Wednesday (14/2/2018) at 19:30 pm.


Playing a goalless draw in the first leg at home to Sriwijaya FC makes the position of the current Tridatu Squad squad more advantaged.

They only need a narrow victory in order to be opposed to Persija Jakarta who had already secured themselves to compete in the final.

“Our target to the final of the President Cup is that all players are determined to win at home, we can not have any team to take points,” said Wawan Hendrawan.

Previously, Wawan’s appearance stole public attention while helping Bali United win the semifinals of the 2018 Presidential Cup after beating Madura United through a penalty shootout.

Name Wawan increasingly soar after undergoing the first leg of the 2018 Presidential Cup semifinal.

Many times the goalkeeper who now has 35-year-old is to confront the opportunities of players Warriors Wong Kito.

“I’m just doing my best as a goalkeeper, but overall it’s the hard work of the whole team,” he said.

If Bali United can advance to the final of the 2018 President Cup, this means that Wawan has the chance to become a player who can be two consecutive tasting it.

In the 2017 season, he also had brought Borneo FC cruised to the top of the President Cup.

However, the desire squad nicknamed Pesut Etam to embrace the President Cup title should be buried deeply.

Wawan Hendrawan and colleagues must recognize the superiority of Arema FC who successfully stole the President Cup trophy after winning landslide with a score of 5-1.