Ardi Idrus: I am Happy to be Drawn from Praised

Persib Bandung defender Ardi Idrus slowly but surely the main choice in the squad Maumg Bandung. The 25-year-old player responded to coach Mario Gomez’s confidence by appearing consistently on two occasions. Sunday (15/4/2018) night, man born in Ternate January 22, 1993 was melakoni second game when Persib arrested draw Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium.

Ardi Idrus

Performance was pretty neat in guarding the left side of defense Persib. Though his presence had doubted many parties. Ardi admitted it is more comfortable regarded as a second caste player. That way, he can still keep the motivation to appear consistent. “Yes I am proof in the field, and I prefer to be cursed on the praises, I prefer to prove in the field,” he said Ardi saar met at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Monday (16/4/2018).

The former PSS Sleman player said one of the keys to his consistent performance was to follow the instructor’s instructions. As a wing defender, true Ardi does have an aggressive style of play. However, under the care of Gomez he was asked to keep the depth of Persib defense. “Oh honestly these two games follow Gachz’s coach instruction, I’m not allowed to ride, I’m always made to survive Even though it’s not my real style of play I follow the coach’s instructions, the result is positive and better that’s it,” he said. .

Consistency Ardi game took him involved in hot action counter Arema FC, Sunday (15/4/2018). He was finally able to feel the direct hot tension in the game. Idrus admitted very impressed with the aura of the game. “Grogi baseball I just tried to follow the instructions of the coach, the atmosphere then we ran into the locker room they kept throwing us, but baseball okay .. I am so grateful I can go home with the points, that’s all,” he said.

Two Coin Drums Failed Submitted to PSSI

Bola News – Supporters Persib while pouring coin money donated fans to the drum in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Wednesday (27/09/2017)
Supporters Persib while pouring coin money donated fans to the drum in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Wednesday (27/09/2017)

viking coin

BANDUNG, – Two drums coins worth Rp 50 million failed to be submitted to the PSSI. Bandung Persib Management had already paid the fine amount.

Nevertheless, coin money co-produced by Persib supporters (Bobotoh) to pay a fine sanction from the Disciplinary Commission related to the configuration of ‘Save Rohingya’ is still accepted by management. The money was eventually donated by management to victims of the Rohingya ethnicity.

Responding to that, Viking frontman Yana Umar claimed could not do much. Therefore, the coin was accepted by Persib management. Suppose rejected, said Yana, it is ready to send two coin drums to the headquarters PSSI in Jakarta.

“We are ready to coordinate with Persib as to (mechanism) of delivery, because we still have to coordinate to Persib because Persib is fined,” said Yana after handing over the coins it to the management of Persib on Jalan Sulanjana, Wednesday (27/09/2017) afternoon.

“If for example today Persib refused this coin, I will go to Jakarta directly with the children, but Persib accept, what else, because Persib who fined,” he said.

Yana was aware there are some considerations of management until the end of bobotoh donation funds are not submitted to the PSSI. One reason, Yana worried PSSI will be hurt by the action bobotoh which will have an impact on the birth of a decision that actually harm Bobotoh.

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“What I fear, if you want to go directly to the PSSI later behind him a little fine to Persib, knowing itself PSSI like .. Maybe feel hurt if this coin to the PSSI We worry that the tip of a small thing to be fine, “he said.

Yana did not want to intervene how the management Persib manage coins. However, the action is a sign that loyalty bobotoh still great for Persib.

“The important thing is we have to convey this coin to Persib Persib already pay, please just for the coin Persib.Obviously this amanah from bobotoh, from citizens of Bandung and from supporters in other areas.Insha Allah on ridho lah.problem persib willing to donate to Rohingya or wherever it is up to Persib, the important bobotoh already give to Persib, “he said.

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Persib Bandung not on Good Performance

BOLA INA – Persib Bandung reap a series of mega389 negative results in the Ford League 1 2017. In the three home games, successive Persib only able to achieve a draw.

First, Persib play 2-2 against Semen Padang, 0-0 against Bali United, and last 1-1 against Bhayangkara FC. The incision is obviously quite detrimental considering in three games that Persib lost six points that should be maximized.


“Most unfortunate time opponents Semen Padang and Bali United, yesterday also (against Bhayangkara FC) all can see it, all players have the maximum, I also praise the players,” said Persib Manager Umuh Muchtar, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

According to him, there is a luck factor that does not overshadow Persib. He cited in the last game. At that time, Persib mastered the game and created many opportunities. But, Persib unable to reap victory.

“Yesterday we also had many opportunities (scored) and the ball is also much controlled Persib .. But Dewi Fortuna does not support, so what can make,” he said.

Umuh claimed not to understand the conditions that occur. Therefore, the maximum struggle of the players on the field never be fruitful. He even resigned to the condition.

“If Allah SWT has not given permission, Allah SWT gives us the trial of patience, so what can make, we just surrender,” he concluded.