Facilities Provided by Egy Maulana in Lechia Gdansk

Former U-19 Indonesia national team coach, Indra Sjafri, revealed the facilities obtained Egy Maulana Vikri with his new club, Lechia Gdansk. According to him, the left-handed player gets an apartment as well as a car. The coach from Padang, West Sumatra, saw firsthand what Egy earned in his new club when pressing a contract duration of three seasons.

Said Indra Sjafri, Egy get apartment facilities and cars branded Mercedes Benz E Class. What Egy got was the same as the foreign players at the club. (Read Also: Menpora Ask For Egy Maulana Vikri Contract in Lechia Gdansk Must Be Clear For Indonesian National Team) The new Egy will stay in Poland in 2019 after the age of 18 years. This is what makes Egy also has not signed a contract professionally because according to the rules in Europe, a player has not yet done that (professional contract) before even 18 years. “Egy got an apartment and a car there, that’s what I know,” Indra Sjafri told BolaSport.com at the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kemenpora), Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3/2018).

“He can also bring one of his family to accompany him, otherwise his family will also be facilitated,” said Indra Sjafri. (Read Also: Official, Persija Get New Sponsorship Ahead of League 1 2018) During his stay there, Egy is not required to speak Polish. Indra said, English alone is enough to adapt to the Lechia Gdansk players. Indra Sjafri also believes Egy will live in Poland because a lot of food menu that can be eaten by Egy. “I think Egy must be at ease because she has been going abroad several times, and there are also many food adaptations selling rice, fried rice, and Thai and Malaysian restaurants,” said the former Bali United trainer. (Mochamad Hary Prasetya)