PSM Rely on Local Attackers in the Battle of Borneo

PSM Makassar rely on local attackers to bombard the defense of their opponents in Balikpapan trofeo tournament titled “Battle of Borneo” at Batakan Stadium Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, March 4, 2018.

PSM coach Robert Rene Alberts confirmed from Makassar on Sunday that the coach team could not bring in two of his flagship players, foreign players Bruce Djite and naturalized Guy Junor who suffered injuries and had to get special treatment in Makassar.

“So the PSM team left with the power of 19 players, we still want to come up with the best strain that can be lowered at this time,” he said before departing to Balikpapan today.

The 19 players who participated to Balikpapan each Shahar Ginanjar, Syaiful, Zulkilfi Gratitude, Steven Paulle, Abdul Rahman, Hassan Hasbullah, Hasyim Kipuw, Hendra Wijaya, Reva Adi Utama and Heri Susanto.

Rizki Pellu, Marc Anthony Klok, Rashid Bakri, Wiljan Pluim, Saldi, Asnawi Mangkualam and three local attackers Arsyad Yusgiantoro, Agi Pratama and M Rahmat.

In the last trial to face PSAD at the Stadium Andi Mattalatta Gelora Makassar some time ago, Robert is trying to present a new scheme in the line of attack by menduetkan Arsyad Yusgiantoro and M Rahmat.

The Dutchman hopes the combination of local attackers can give the best results when facing Mitra Kukar (replacement Persija Jakarta retreat) and host Persiba Balikpapan in other matches.

Facing Mitra Kukar would be a worthy opponent because of fellow participants of League 1 season 2018. While Persiba Balikpapan though from League 2 but will perform with the full support of fanatical supporters who will certainly make the game run more difficult going forward.

“We want to achieve maximum results in the tournament later, so we are ready to lower the best composition we have today for a positive result,” he concluded.

Clarification Bhayangkara FC about Decision Komdis PSSI

Liga News –¬†Evan Dimas (6) celebrates the Bhayangkara FC victory over Persib Bandung in the League 1 party at the Patriot Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017).
Evan Dimas (6) celebrates the Bhayangkara FC victory over Persib Bandung in the League 1 party at the Patriot Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017). (BHAYANGKARA FC)
poker 88 – Bhayangkara FC issued a statement related to the decision Komdis PSSI on November 5, 2017. In the decision, Komdis PSSI Bhayangkara FC said win over Mitra Kukar with a score of 3-0.

This decision changed the outcome of the match between the two teams that had previously ended in a 1-1 draw.

However, Bhayangkara FC finally got the victory because Mitra Kukar was found guilty of playing Mohamed Sissoko.

Mali midfielder is actually not able to perform in the game because it is in the sentence of two games.

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In the decision Komdis PSSI on October 28, Komdis banned Sissoko appear in two games, namely against Bhayangkara FC and Persiba Balikpapan.

The decision of Komdis made Bhayangkara get angry accusation. Bhayangkara FC issued a clarification. Here’s the description:

“Fact: A copy of the decision of Discipline Commission PSSI Liga 1 dated October 28, 2017, in the case of disciplinary offenses, players Kukar Partner Moh Lamine Sissoko no 112 / L1 / SK / KD-PSSI / X / 2017, related to bad behavior of players in the match Mitra Kukar vs Borneo FC October 23, 2017 League 1.

For his actions, Sissoko is banned from playing twice, the match against Bhayangkara FC, dated November 3, 2017 and Persiba Balikpapan on November 11, 2017.

Looking at the fact that the decision was taken on October 28, 2017, while against Bhayangkara FC on November 3, 2017, it is very unlikely that Mitra Kukar does not receive the same e-mail notification as long as communication with the league is done via email.

In accordance with Article 57, Regulation 1 on the yellow and red cards of paragraphs 13 and 14 states, the provisions on yellow and red cards follow the rules set out in the discipline code.

The Club is also responsible for overseeing yellow and / or red cards and the status of penalties received by players and their respective officials and ensuring that all players and officers are registered and eligible to participate in the game.

Objections or protests delivered after the end of the game will be ignored.

That is, the club should always check and react related status of their players.

As well as when we could not play Indra Kahfi when against Persela. We are very cautious and inquired with regulatory related parties, codes of discipline, and changes in play dates against Madura.pasaran togel

At that time, even NBB Indra Kahfi not yet out when Bhayangkara FC was about to fight Persela (27/10/2017).


However, we continue to communicate with togel hongkong the League and Komdis which turned out Indra Kahfi get additional punishment for getting a red card against PSM Makassar October 19, 2017 ago.

Because of the procedure, NLB came out 1 week before the game, but the Komdis decision came out 3-4 days before the game.

So, in this case the club must actively see it in accordance with the sound of regulation.

Komdis is an independent body that is never and can not be intervened.

The fact we win in every game never gets anyone’s help either at home or away.

In fact, if you look at the standings Bhayangkara is the team that won the most from other teams in Liga1. So that we can convey for the future Indonesian football progress. Thank you.”¬†agen togel