Ardi Idrus: I am Happy to be Drawn from Praised

Persib Bandung defender Ardi Idrus slowly but surely the main choice in the squad Maumg Bandung. The 25-year-old player responded to coach Mario Gomez’s confidence by appearing consistently on two occasions. Sunday (15/4/2018) night, man born in Ternate January 22, 1993 was melakoni second game when Persib arrested draw Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium.

Ardi Idrus

Performance was pretty neat in guarding the left side of defense Persib. Though his presence had doubted many parties. Ardi admitted it is more comfortable regarded as a second caste player. That way, he can still keep the motivation to appear consistent. “Yes I am proof in the field, and I prefer to be cursed on the praises, I prefer to prove in the field,” he said Ardi saar met at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Monday (16/4/2018).

The former PSS Sleman player said one of the keys to his consistent performance was to follow the instructor’s instructions. As a wing defender, true Ardi does have an aggressive style of play. However, under the care of Gomez he was asked to keep the depth of Persib defense. “Oh honestly these two games follow Gachz’s coach instruction, I’m not allowed to ride, I’m always made to survive Even though it’s not my real style of play I follow the coach’s instructions, the result is positive and better that’s it,” he said. .

Consistency Ardi game took him involved in hot action counter Arema FC, Sunday (15/4/2018). He was finally able to feel the direct hot tension in the game. Idrus admitted very impressed with the aura of the game. “Grogi baseball I just tried to follow the instructions of the coach, the atmosphere then we ran into the locker room they kept throwing us, but baseball okay .. I am so grateful I can go home with the points, that’s all,” he said.

Facilities Provided by Egy Maulana in Lechia Gdansk

Former U-19 Indonesia national team coach, Indra Sjafri, revealed the facilities obtained Egy Maulana Vikri with his new club, Lechia Gdansk. According to him, the left-handed player gets an apartment as well as a car. The coach from Padang, West Sumatra, saw firsthand what Egy earned in his new club when pressing a contract duration of three seasons.

Said Indra Sjafri, Egy get apartment facilities and cars branded Mercedes Benz E Class. What Egy got was the same as the foreign players at the club. (Read Also: Menpora Ask For Egy Maulana Vikri Contract in Lechia Gdansk Must Be Clear For Indonesian National Team) The new Egy will stay in Poland in 2019 after the age of 18 years. This is what makes Egy also has not signed a contract professionally because according to the rules in Europe, a player has not yet done that (professional contract) before even 18 years. “Egy got an apartment and a car there, that’s what I know,” Indra Sjafri told at the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kemenpora), Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3/2018).

“He can also bring one of his family to accompany him, otherwise his family will also be facilitated,” said Indra Sjafri. (Read Also: Official, Persija Get New Sponsorship Ahead of League 1 2018) During his stay there, Egy is not required to speak Polish. Indra said, English alone is enough to adapt to the Lechia Gdansk players. Indra Sjafri also believes Egy will live in Poland because a lot of food menu that can be eaten by Egy. “I think Egy must be at ease because she has been going abroad several times, and there are also many food adaptations selling rice, fried rice, and Thai and Malaysian restaurants,” said the former Bali United trainer. (Mochamad Hary Prasetya)

Fines to be Paid Evan Dimas and lham Udin if Exercise Exercise

Liga Indo News – Selangor FA turned out to apply high discipline to the players. This was conveyed by the team’s new players nicknamed Red Gergasi, Evan Dimas, to BolaSport, on the way to the Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, Saturday (3/2/2018).

1985572463Evan Dimas has two weeks training with Selangor FA. The former Bhayangkara FC felt no difference of practice in Selangor with the clubs of the country.

Only, said Evan, Selangor FA implements discipline.

“Yes, it’s the same, only here more disciplined, for example, if the exercise at 5 pm, we have to come at 4 pm,” said Evan Dimas.

If it comes to late practice, said Evan, the player must pay a fine of 100 Malaysian ringgit or approximately Rp 346,000.

“If it is late, we have to pay a fine, the fine can be 100 Malaysian ringgit,” said the player from Surabaya.

In the last practice session with Selangor FA, Evan looks together with his colleagues. In fact, Evan is believed to be the executor of the dead ball, such as free kicks and corner kick.

Evan Dimas tried to control the ball during practice with Selangor FA in Padang SUK on Saturday (3/2/2018).

Evan Dimas tried to control the ball during practice with Selangor FA in Padang SUK on Saturday (3/2/2018). ( DENNYS)

This exercise is part of the preparation of the team ahead of the Malaysian Super League match against Kuala Lumpur FA on Sunday (4/2/2018). This game is full of prestige because the derby Klang Valley.

Coach P Maniam signaled the two players will be lowered from the beginning.

“We see Evan Dimas with their inspiration so ready for the game with Kuala Lumpur We can see their passion and they have a good combination with local players.This can be a good impact for Selangor troops,” he said.

Maniam sure Evan Dimas can bring the team to victory in the game later.

“Last year, we have no inter-soccer players to score goals, so now there is Evan Dimas, a player who is so creative and we hope tomorrow he will give one or two goals,” he said.

Van der Velden come back to Bali United

Liga Indo News –  Dutch midfielder, Nick van der Velden, can make Persib Bandung bite the fingers. The reason, he returned to the Bali United.

Van der Velden could strengthen Bali United in League 1 2017. The figure that bears the title of the marquee player contributed five goals and two assists in 27 games.

Van der Velden’s contribution satisfied the supporters, but his contract which expired in November 2017 was hanged by management. Inevitably, the player who won the Eredivisie, the Dutch League’s first caste, 2008-2009 with AZ Alkmaar, interested Persib.

Nick van der Velden

However, Persib seemed to be disappointed. Bali United suspected will continue the bond of cooperation with the player.

“Van der Velden arrives in Bali tomorrow,” said a strong source statement as quoted from Tribune Bali, Friday (8/12/2017).

When Van der Velden is defended, the Dutch axis in Bali United remains intact despite losing Sylvano Comvalius. Club beridas Serdadu Tridatu still has Irfan Bachdim and Stefano Lilipaly. These last two names pocketed the status of Indonesian citizens (WNI), but had Dutch blood.

Irfan Jaya Comfortable in Persebaya, Reject Many Bids

Liga Indo News – Irfan Jaya ready to survive in Persebaya Surabaya in the competition next season. The best player of League 2 was admitted comfortable with Si Bajol Ijo. Irfan Jaya appearance with Persebaya very bright. He plays an important role in bringing Persebaya League 2 champion after defeating PSMS Medan in the final.

Irfan Jaya

Irfan Jaya name probably not many know. Irfan appearance began to climb when strengthening PSM Makassar U-21 and he became top scorer at ISC U-21. But when it was no senior club in ISL who tried to glance at it.

Persebaya finally recruited Irfan when it began to face League 2 competition. As a result, his appearance was growing and became the best player League 2.

Irfan insists will not move to another club, despite admitting many offers. Bantaeng birth players, South Sulawesi was admitted to have fallen in love with Persebaya.

“There are many clubs who want to contract me but I still want to play at Persebaya because I feel comfortable and happy here,” said Irfan when contacted on Wednesday (29/11/2017.

“This Persebaya team I see is like a family, the players are all close, well, good management, Bonek fans are also very close to the players, this is what makes me feel at home here,” he said.

Leave Bali United, Comvalius Join the Thai Club

Liga Bola – Sylvano Comvalius will officially continue his career in the Thai League next season. Not take long for Top scorer League 1 2017 season to get a new club after deciding not to renew the contract with Bali United. togel singapore


The 30-year-old striker has signed a two-year contract with Suphanburi.

“After traveling for nine years in the Netherlands, Malta, Scotland, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Ukraine and Indonesia, this story continues,” Comvalius wrote on his Instagram account.

“For the next two seasons I will play in Thailand and I have signed a contract with Thai Premier League club @Suphanburifc,” he continued.

Not only announced about his career next season, Comvalius also thanked.

“I can not wait to run the job with this club with all the potential and have one of the best facilities in Asia,” he said.

“Special thanks go to Menno and Thomas,” Comvalius said in a caption posted on Instagram.

Suphanburi who ranked 11th in the Thailand League 2017 season ever reinforced player passport Indonesia, Sergio van Dijk.

Sergio defend this club in the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Septian David Claims get Offering from Malaysia

Liga Bola – Clubs in Malaysia continue to hunt the players of Indonesia stars. After Evan Dimas who reportedly agreed uniformed Selangor FA and Ilham Udin Armaiyn, now turn to Septian Davin Maulana who became the target of two neighboring country clubs.


Septian himself revealed the interest of the Malaysian club. He acknowledged that Melaka United and PKNS FC had already offered to take part in the Malaysian league’s highest caste.

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However, the U-23 Indonesia national team players have not been able to decide his future for the 2018 season. Currently he is still a Mitra Kukar player.

“There are offers from abroad, one of them who wants it in Malaysia, namely Melaka United and PKNS FC,” said Septian David in Cikarang, Bekasi regency, Wednesday (22/11/2017).

“They’ve offered me a contract, stay negotiable,”

In order to play outside Indonesia, soccer player from Semarang wanted to talk to Mitra Kukar’s management. Because, Septian wants to add flight hours.

Not only the Malaysian club, Septian also attracted a number of teams from within the country who play in the League 1 event. But Septian did not want to mention the clubs that interest.

“There are teams in the country also who asked me to join but it seems if in Indonesia, I still defend Mitra Kukar and baseball will be another team,” said Septian.

“But if in Malaysia, I want the same permission Mitra Kukar management, because I want to add flight hours,” added 22-year-old player.

Prime Training with Indonesian national team, Spaso Enthusiast

Liga News – Bhayangkara FC footballer Ilija Spasojevic underwent training preparation for the match of Traveling Tripballs League 1, Bhayangkara FC against Persela Lamongan, at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (26/10/2017). Bhayangkara FC Ilija Spasojevic footballer from Montenegro has been officially through the process of naturalization and has become an Indonesian citizen (WNI).
Bhayangkara FC footballer Agen Togel  Ilija Spasojevic underwent training preparation for the match of Traveling Tripballs League 1, Bhayangkara FC against Persela Lamongan, at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (26/10/2017). FC Ilija Spasojevic footballer from Montenegro has been officially through the process of naturalization and has become a citizen of Indonesia (WNI).
spaso liga indo – Indonesia national team striker, Ilija Spasojevic, said very happy to practice together with the Garuda squad at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang, West Java, Friday (17/11/2017).

Spasojevic along with 32 other players re-train ahead of facing Syria U-23 national team at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Saturday (18/11/2017).

The Bhayangkara FC attacker said his first training went very well.

He is very grateful to be trusted Indonesian national team coach Luis Milla entered in the player who was called.

“It’s incredible and this is my first practice when being part of the national team,” Spasojevic said on Friday (17/11/2017).

Montonegro attacker was seeing the young players belonging to Indonesia is very qualified.

Former players Persib Bandung and PSM Makassar was determined to bring Indonesia better national team into the pasaran togel future.

“I saw a lot of good and talented players in Indonesia so I’m optimistic that the future will be better,” said Spasojevic.

Spasojevic said his choice to become an Indonesian citizen (WNI) can not be separated from him who has lived in Indonesia for seven years.

He also has a wife from Makassar and was awarded two children born in Indonesia.
“For the national team we have to play with the heart and for that I want to help, I’m like a new kid in the national team,” Spasojevic said.