Fines to be Paid Evan Dimas and lham Udin if Exercise Exercise

Liga Indo News – Selangor FA turned out to apply high discipline to the players. This was conveyed by the team’s new players nicknamed Red Gergasi, Evan Dimas, to BolaSport, on the way to the Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, Saturday (3/2/2018).

1985572463Evan Dimas has two weeks training with Selangor FA. The former Bhayangkara FC felt no difference of practice in Selangor with the clubs of the country.

Only, said Evan, Selangor FA implements discipline.

“Yes, it’s the same, only here more disciplined, for example, if the exercise at 5 pm, we have to come at 4 pm,” said Evan Dimas.

If it comes to late practice, said Evan, the player must pay a fine of 100 Malaysian ringgit or approximately Rp 346,000.

“If it is late, we have to pay a fine, the fine can be 100 Malaysian ringgit,” said the player from Surabaya.

In the last practice session with Selangor FA, Evan looks together with his colleagues. In fact, Evan is believed to be the executor of the dead ball, such as free kicks and corner kick.

Evan Dimas tried to control the ball during practice with Selangor FA in Padang SUK on Saturday (3/2/2018).

Evan Dimas tried to control the ball during practice with Selangor FA in Padang SUK on Saturday (3/2/2018). ( DENNYS)

This exercise is part of the preparation of the team ahead of the Malaysian Super League match against Kuala Lumpur FA on Sunday (4/2/2018). This game is full of prestige because the derby Klang Valley.

Coach P Maniam signaled the two players will be lowered from the beginning.

“We see Evan Dimas with their inspiration so ready for the game with Kuala Lumpur We can see their passion and they have a good combination with local players.This can be a good impact for Selangor troops,” he said.

Maniam sure Evan Dimas can bring the team to victory in the game later.

“Last year, we have no inter-soccer players to score goals, so now there is Evan Dimas, a player who is so creative and we hope tomorrow he will give one or two goals,” he said.

U-19 national team Indonesia conquered Timor-Leste with a score of 5-0

Bola News – U-19 national team Indonesia conquered Timor-Leste with a score of 5-0 in the qualifying match Group F Asian Cup Qualification U-19 2018 at Stadium Paju, South Korea, Thursday (2/11/2017). Egy Maulana Vikri became a field star after incised a hat trick aka three goals.

timnas u19 menang

Thus, Indonesia has gain two victories with an identical score because the first game “Garuda Nusantara” also bulldoze Brunei 5-0. Furthermore, the troops made by Indra Sjafri will face the host, South Korea, on 4 November.

Actually this qualification does not give impact to Indonesia that has been confirmed to qualify for the U-19 Asian Cup finals next year. The status of the host makes the ticket already automatically owned by Indonesia so that this qualification becomes a “trial” event.

At the beginning of the game, Indonesia had difficulty penetrating the opponent’s defense. As a result, the first half ended in a goalless draw.

After that, U-19 Indonesia national team coach Indra Sjafri made changes, including playing Egy and Saddil Ramdani. Team performance improved dramatically in the second half, where they continued to bombard Timor-Leste’s defense.

Saddil opened the tap goal Indonesia through a hard shot from outside the penalty box in the 50th minute. Nine minutes later, Hanis Saghara Putra’s turn to launch a classy goal. With his left foot from inside the penalty box, he did the placing and the round skin slid into the top right corner of the East Timor goal.

After winning two goals, Egy started jerking. He bought up the last three goals in the 84th minute, 87th, and an additional minute at the end of the second half.

With this victory, Indonesia firmly at the top of Group F standings with Raihan six points. They also carve a record 10 goals and without conceding.


U-19 national team Indonesia (4-1-3-1-1): 23-Aqil Savik; 12-Rifad Marasabessy, 13-Rachmat Irianto, 5-Nurhidayat, 11-Firza Andika; 7-M Luthfi Baharsyah; 20-Asnawi Mangku Bahar, 6-M Iqbal, 8-Witan Sulaeman; 16-Resky Witriawan; 19-Hanis Saghara

Coach: Indra Sjafri