Foreign Players Price Yessoh PSMS, Djanur Open Sound

Coach PSMS Medan, Djadjang Nurdjaman, denied the news about the price of foreign players, Wilfired Yessoh. Ivory Coast striker was said to be paid Rp5 billion per season.

With the number of such contracts, Yessoh became one of the most expensive players in League 1. However, the coach who familiarly called Djanur was immediately clarified.


“Foreign players PSMS no one paid more than Rp 1.2 billion.No,” said Djanur when found at the Stadium Flower Garden Medan, Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

It is said Djanur, with the emergence of the news, Yessoh felt uncomfortable. He said the news actually made a heavy burden.

“There must be a mental burden for Yessoh, and if she is reported as such it is not, it must be a burden for Yessoh, so as coach to give clarification, there is no such expensive,” said Djanur.

Initially Djanur did not know the news that made the scene. From Yessoh himself who complained to him.

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