Egy Maulana choose EUROPE

BOLA INA – The desire Egy Maulana Vikri for a career abroad will soon materialize.

This is known after the meeting between Egy, Raden Isnanta (Deputy III of Sports Culture Kemenpora), Indra Sjafri, and Subagja Suihan (Egil Trustees) in a mall in Jakarta, Tuesday (26/09/2017). In the pertemun, there were also foreign agents.

“The development is already 80 percent and the rest of the contract signature stay, we agreed to escort Egy to be a soccer player who is useful for himself and Indonesia,” Subagja said to KOMPAS.COM, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

Egy Maulana

Subagja explains that Egy is projected to strengthen one of the clubs in Italy or Spain.

“After South Korea (Asian Cup Qualification U-19), I will go to Europe to see the academy or the club,” said Subagja.

While strengthening one club in Europe, Egy is no longer a trial status. The player who became the top scorer in the AFF Cup U-18 2017 will be attempted for a career in the club.

“The direction of the career at the club I do not want some kind of trial,” he explained.”


The player from Medan must first finish his education in PPLP (Center for Education and Sports Training) and focus U-19 national team.

“He must first in the national team to pass Indonesia to the U-20 World Cup,” he said.

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