Ardi Idrus: I am Happy to be Drawn from Praised

Persib Bandung defender Ardi Idrus slowly but surely the main choice in the squad Maumg Bandung. The 25-year-old player responded to coach Mario Gomez’s confidence by appearing consistently on two occasions. Sunday (15/4/2018) night, man born in Ternate January 22, 1993 was melakoni second game when Persib arrested draw Arema FC at Kanjuruhan Stadium.

Ardi Idrus

Performance was pretty neat in guarding the left side of defense Persib. Though his presence had doubted many parties. Ardi admitted it is more comfortable regarded as a second caste player. That way, he can still keep the motivation to appear consistent. “Yes I am proof in the field, and I prefer to be cursed on the praises, I prefer to prove in the field,” he said Ardi saar met at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Monday (16/4/2018).

The former PSS Sleman player said one of the keys to his consistent performance was to follow the instructor’s instructions. As a wing defender, true Ardi does have an aggressive style of play. However, under the care of Gomez he was asked to keep the depth of Persib defense. “Oh honestly these two games follow Gachz’s coach instruction, I’m not allowed to ride, I’m always made to survive Even though it’s not my real style of play I follow the coach’s instructions, the result is positive and better that’s it,” he said. .

Consistency Ardi game took him involved in hot action counter Arema FC, Sunday (15/4/2018). He was finally able to feel the direct hot tension in the game. Idrus admitted very impressed with the aura of the game. “Grogi baseball I just tried to follow the instructions of the coach, the atmosphere then we ran into the locker room they kept throwing us, but baseball okay .. I am so grateful I can go home with the points, that’s all,” he said.

Simic Has No More Goal in League 1, Teco Respond

Striker Persija Jakarta, Marko Simic has not shown sharpness in the competition Go-Jek League 1 with Bukalapak. Nevertheless, coach Persija, Stefano Cuggura Teco not worry about the situation that befell Simic.


Simic’s name was not on the scorers list as Persija beat Borneo FC 2-0 in the fourth week of League 1 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on Saturday (14/4) night. Two goals victory Macan Kemayoran printed Jaimerson Xavier and Rohit Chand.

In the game, Simic looks to get tight guard from players Borneo FC. As a result, Croatian bomber was difficult to score goals.

A response emerged that Simic’s game was read by the opposing team. Moreover, 30-year-old striker had previously been the 2018 President’s Cup top scorer and is now the top score while the AFC Cup with seven goals achievement.

Even so, Teco claimed not to question Simic who has not scored many goals in League 1. Because, the player who was dubbed Super Simic has contributed to the team.

“He has scored many goals and helped a lot in the Presidential Cup he is top scorer and can bring Persija champions and in the AFC Cup he scored a hat trick against Tampines Rovers, while opponents of Johor Darul Takzim he made four goals,” said Teco.

Aleksandar Make PERSIB Draw

Persib Bandung must be satisfied to share the score 1-1 when entertaining PS Tira in the League 1 match 2018 at Gelora Bandung Stadium of Fire, Monday (26/3/2018). Leading until the 90th minute, victory Persib embraced Aleksandar Racik during injury time.

Persib mastered the game since kick-off. They continued to bombard the visitors’ defense until Ezechiel N’Douassel found PS Tira’s goal in the 32nd minute. He takes advantage of an opponent defender’s defects that are not accurate throw the ball.


The round skin leads to PS Tira’s goal so Ezechiel quickly welcomes and tricks the goalkeeper to make Persib a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Persib remain dominant.

However, PS Tira also can present a threat to be able to score equalizing goal in the 90th minute +5. Aleksandar Racik header ball back to goal can not dammed goalkeeper Persib, I Made Wirawan. Arrangement Persib Bandung: 78-I Made Wirawan; 12-Henhen Herdiana, 4-Bojan Malisic, 2-Wildansyah, 6-Toni Sucipto; 80-Eka Ramdani, 11-Dedi Kusnandar; 22-Supardi Nasir, 33-Oh In Kyun, 13-Febri Hariyadi; 10-Ezechiel N Coach: Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez PS Tira: 39-Syahrul Fadil; 3-Abduh Lestaluhu, 4-Mahdi Albar, 29-Kim San Ming, 23-Ganjar Mukti; 13-Manahati Lestusen, 24-Ryan Wiradinata, 8-Gustavo Lopes, 27-Mariano Birrek; 10-Wawan Febrianto, 9-Aleksandar Racik This article has been aired on with the title “League Results 1, Gol Aleksandar Fails Victory Persib over PS Tira”,

Foreign Players Price Yessoh PSMS, Djanur Open Sound

Coach PSMS Medan, Djadjang Nurdjaman, denied the news about the price of foreign players, Wilfired Yessoh. Ivory Coast striker was said to be paid Rp5 billion per season.

With the number of such contracts, Yessoh became one of the most expensive players in League 1. However, the coach who familiarly called Djanur was immediately clarified.


“Foreign players PSMS no one paid more than Rp 1.2 billion.No,” said Djanur when found at the Stadium Flower Garden Medan, Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

It is said Djanur, with the emergence of the news, Yessoh felt uncomfortable. He said the news actually made a heavy burden.

“There must be a mental burden for Yessoh, and if she is reported as such it is not, it must be a burden for Yessoh, so as coach to give clarification, there is no such expensive,” said Djanur.

Initially Djanur did not know the news that made the scene. From Yessoh himself who complained to him.

Facilities Provided by Egy Maulana in Lechia Gdansk

Former U-19 Indonesia national team coach, Indra Sjafri, revealed the facilities obtained Egy Maulana Vikri with his new club, Lechia Gdansk. According to him, the left-handed player gets an apartment as well as a car. The coach from Padang, West Sumatra, saw firsthand what Egy earned in his new club when pressing a contract duration of three seasons.

Said Indra Sjafri, Egy get apartment facilities and cars branded Mercedes Benz E Class. What Egy got was the same as the foreign players at the club. (Read Also: Menpora Ask For Egy Maulana Vikri Contract in Lechia Gdansk Must Be Clear For Indonesian National Team) The new Egy will stay in Poland in 2019 after the age of 18 years. This is what makes Egy also has not signed a contract professionally because according to the rules in Europe, a player has not yet done that (professional contract) before even 18 years. “Egy got an apartment and a car there, that’s what I know,” Indra Sjafri told at the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Kemenpora), Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3/2018).

“He can also bring one of his family to accompany him, otherwise his family will also be facilitated,” said Indra Sjafri. (Read Also: Official, Persija Get New Sponsorship Ahead of League 1 2018) During his stay there, Egy is not required to speak Polish. Indra said, English alone is enough to adapt to the Lechia Gdansk players. Indra Sjafri also believes Egy will live in Poland because a lot of food menu that can be eaten by Egy. “I think Egy must be at ease because she has been going abroad several times, and there are also many food adaptations selling rice, fried rice, and Thai and Malaysian restaurants,” said the former Bali United trainer. (Mochamad Hary Prasetya)

PSM Rely on Local Attackers in the Battle of Borneo

PSM Makassar rely on local attackers to bombard the defense of their opponents in Balikpapan trofeo tournament titled “Battle of Borneo” at Batakan Stadium Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, March 4, 2018.

PSM coach Robert Rene Alberts confirmed from Makassar on Sunday that the coach team could not bring in two of his flagship players, foreign players Bruce Djite and naturalized Guy Junor who suffered injuries and had to get special treatment in Makassar.

“So the PSM team left with the power of 19 players, we still want to come up with the best strain that can be lowered at this time,” he said before departing to Balikpapan today.

The 19 players who participated to Balikpapan each Shahar Ginanjar, Syaiful, Zulkilfi Gratitude, Steven Paulle, Abdul Rahman, Hassan Hasbullah, Hasyim Kipuw, Hendra Wijaya, Reva Adi Utama and Heri Susanto.

Rizki Pellu, Marc Anthony Klok, Rashid Bakri, Wiljan Pluim, Saldi, Asnawi Mangkualam and three local attackers Arsyad Yusgiantoro, Agi Pratama and M Rahmat.

In the last trial to face PSAD at the Stadium Andi Mattalatta Gelora Makassar some time ago, Robert is trying to present a new scheme in the line of attack by menduetkan Arsyad Yusgiantoro and M Rahmat.

The Dutchman hopes the combination of local attackers can give the best results when facing Mitra Kukar (replacement Persija Jakarta retreat) and host Persiba Balikpapan in other matches.

Facing Mitra Kukar would be a worthy opponent because of fellow participants of League 1 season 2018. While Persiba Balikpapan though from League 2 but will perform with the full support of fanatical supporters who will certainly make the game run more difficult going forward.

“We want to achieve maximum results in the tournament later, so we are ready to lower the best composition we have today for a positive result,” he concluded.

Presidential Cup Semifinals, Determination of Wawa Bring Bali United to the Finals

Liga Indo News – Toward the second leg of the 2018 Presidential Cup semifinal against Sriwijaya FC, goalkeeper Bali United is determined to return to bring his team advanced to the round of this preseason Live draw Hk tournament.

This second leg will be held at the cage of Bali United, Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Wednesday (14/2/2018) at 19:30 pm.


Playing a goalless draw in the first leg at home to Sriwijaya FC makes the position of the current Tridatu Squad squad more advantaged.

They only need a narrow victory in order to be opposed to Persija Jakarta who had already secured themselves to compete in the final.

“Our target to the final of the President Cup is that all players are determined to win at home, we can not have any team to take points,” said Wawan Hendrawan.

Previously, Wawan’s appearance stole public attention while helping Bali United win the semifinals of the 2018 Presidential Cup after beating Madura United through a penalty shootout.

Name Wawan increasingly soar after undergoing the first leg of the 2018 Presidential Cup semifinal.

Many times the goalkeeper who now has 35-year-old is to confront the opportunities of players Warriors Wong Kito.

“I’m just doing my best as a goalkeeper, but overall it’s the hard work of the whole team,” he said.

If Bali United can advance to the final of the 2018 President Cup, this means that Wawan has the chance to become a player who can be two consecutive tasting it.

In the 2017 season, he also had brought Borneo FC cruised to the top of the President Cup.

However, the desire squad nicknamed Pesut Etam to embrace the President Cup title should be buried deeply.

Wawan Hendrawan and colleagues must recognize the superiority of Arema FC who successfully stole the President Cup trophy after winning landslide with a score of 5-1.

Fines to be Paid Evan Dimas and lham Udin if Exercise Exercise

Liga Indo News – Selangor FA turned out to apply high discipline to the players. This was conveyed by the team’s new players nicknamed Red Gergasi, Evan Dimas, to BolaSport, on the way to the Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, Saturday (3/2/2018).

1985572463Evan Dimas has two weeks training with Selangor FA. The former Bhayangkara FC felt no difference of practice in Selangor with the clubs of the country.

Only, said Evan, Selangor FA implements discipline.

“Yes, it’s the same, only here more disciplined, for example, if the exercise at 5 pm, we have to come at 4 pm,” said Evan Dimas.

If it comes to late practice, said Evan, the player must pay a fine of 100 Malaysian ringgit or approximately Rp 346,000.

“If it is late, we have to pay a fine, the fine can be 100 Malaysian ringgit,” said the player from Surabaya.

In the last practice session with Selangor FA, Evan looks together with his colleagues. In fact, Evan is believed to be the executor of the dead ball, such as free kicks and corner kick.

Evan Dimas tried to control the ball during practice with Selangor FA in Padang SUK on Saturday (3/2/2018).

Evan Dimas tried to control the ball during practice with Selangor FA in Padang SUK on Saturday (3/2/2018). ( DENNYS)

This exercise is part of the preparation of the team ahead of the Malaysian Super League match against Kuala Lumpur FA on Sunday (4/2/2018). This game is full of prestige because the derby Klang Valley.

Coach P Maniam signaled the two players will be lowered from the beginning.

“We see Evan Dimas with their inspiration so ready for the game with Kuala Lumpur We can see their passion and they have a good combination with local players.This can be a good impact for Selangor troops,” he said.

Maniam sure Evan Dimas can bring the team to victory in the game later.

“Last year, we have no inter-soccer players to score goals, so now there is Evan Dimas, a player who is so creative and we hope tomorrow he will give one or two goals,” he said.

Selangor FA Win When Evan Dimas and Ilham Udin Play

Liga Indo News – Selangor FA won their latest test on Wednesday (10/1/2018) night. Duo players from Indonesia, Evan Dimas and Ilham Udin Armaiyn, appear as a starter in this fight.


In the trials of these three pramusim, the team was called Red Gergasi berman Terengganu FC II (new name T-Team FC). Playing at Padang Sime Darby, Bukit Jelutong, Selangor FA won thin with the score 1-0.

A single goal victory of foster children P Maniam printed by senior striker Amri Yahyah via kick 12 pas. Selangor FA get a penalty after Ilham Udin violated TFC II defender in the forbidden box.

This victory is the first obtained Selangor FA from three trials that they have been titled in preparation for the 2018 season.

In the first trial, 31 December 2017, Selangor FA met ATM FA and final score 1-1. Goals in the match at the Stadium This kementah printed striker from Spain, Rufino Segovia.

In the second test, Selangor FA lost a landslide 1-5 from MISC-MIFA at USIM Stadium on Friday (5/1/2018).

Unlike the two previous trials, this time the Selangor FA lowered the best power, including their three recent foreign players. In addition to Evan Dimas and Ilham Udin, a tall defender from Brazil, Willian Pacheco, also became a starter.

Van der Velden come back to Bali United

Liga Indo News –  Dutch midfielder, Nick van der Velden, can make Persib Bandung bite the fingers. The reason, he returned to the Bali United.

Van der Velden could strengthen Bali United in League 1 2017. The figure that bears the title of the marquee player contributed five goals and two assists in 27 games.

Van der Velden’s contribution satisfied the supporters, but his contract which expired in November 2017 was hanged by management. Inevitably, the player who won the Eredivisie, the Dutch League’s first caste, 2008-2009 with AZ Alkmaar, interested Persib.

Nick van der Velden

However, Persib seemed to be disappointed. Bali United suspected will continue the bond of cooperation with the player.

“Van der Velden arrives in Bali tomorrow,” said a strong source statement as quoted from Tribune Bali, Friday (8/12/2017).

When Van der Velden is defended, the Dutch axis in Bali United remains intact despite losing Sylvano Comvalius. Club beridas Serdadu Tridatu still has Irfan Bachdim and Stefano Lilipaly. These last two names pocketed the status of Indonesian citizens (WNI), but had Dutch blood.

Mongolian Trainer Said about sloppy Field

Liga Indo News – Timnas Indonesia beat Mongolia with a score of 3-2 in the second match of Aceh World Solidarity Tsunami Cup 2017 held at the Harapan Bangsa Stadium, Banda Aceh, Monday (04/12/2017). Mongolian coach, Michael Weiss, complained about the condition of the field that was badly damaged by the rain.


The goals of the Indonesian national team victory were scored by Gavin Kwan Adsit (7 ‘), Osvaldo Haay (25′), Ilija Spasojevic (45 ‘), while the Mongolian goal was won by Munkh Erdene with a penalty kick on 38 and 57 minutes.

Michael Weiss said his foster children could not develop the best game because of the muddy surface of the field. “I think the players and all know very well that the muddy field is dangerous, some of our players are injured, and one from Indonesia is also the same fate.”

On the other hand, the German architect praised the Red-and-White Team game, which can get out of a difficult situation by scoring three goals.

“I admit Indonesia is playing better, but it’s a normal outing, anything can happen – a tournament should be played out of the rainy season, so the game can be interesting,” said Michael Weiss.

“The Indonesian national team has a lot of high-tech winger, Evan Dimas attacking midfielder who is also high-tech, and a very strong striker I’m sure Indonesia in the next 2-3 years will be the best in Asia,” he added.

Former Philippine national team coach admitted not preparing his foster children face difficult situations such as field muddy and muddy because of rain.

“Previously we were in Mongolia playing on a synthetic pitch, and we did not expect it would be as difficult as playing in the rain,” said Michael Weiss.

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Just like Luis Milla, Michael Weiss is also preparing the Mongolian National Team for the 2018 Asian Games. “This is the team I prepared for the Asian Games, performing in this tournament is a fantastic experience for us not only for the Asian Games but also for the future. In this tournament all players can learn very valuable, “he said.

Persib Will be Handled by Foreign Coach

Liga Indo News – Jakarta Persib Bandung has appointed Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez as a new coach. This Argentine coach will handle the skill Maung Bandung for two seasons ahead. toto singapura

Management PT. Persib Bandung Dignity has officially introduced the figure of the 60-year-old coach. Gomez is projected to menukangi Persib in the upcoming 2018 competition.

Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez

Associated with the appointment of Mario Gomez as new coach of Persib, young winger, Puja Abdillah admitted himself very enthusiastic. Because, this will be his first experience trained by a foreign coach.

“Puja itself has never been trained by foreign coaches,” said this Bandung-born player, as reported by the club’s official website on Friday (1/12/2017).

The 21-year-old player also expressed his wish to Mario Gomez. He hopes Gomez can bring Persib to his heyday as League champions.

“Hopefully he can restore Persib achievement to become champions league next season,” he said.

No Doubt

Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez
Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez officially handle Persib Bandung in the competition next season. (
Previously, young defender Persib, Henhen Herdiana, also welcomed the presence of Mario Gomez. According to him, the coach is believed to be able to restore the glory of Persib, especially in the Asian arena, given the classy achievements when handling Malaysia team, Johor Darul Ta’zim.

Recording 70 games without defeat plus the 2015 AFC Cup title, of course, make the quality of Argentina’s man was no doubt.

Henhen admitted would prove himself if believed to be in Persib squad next season under the care of former assistant coach Valencia and Inter Milan.

Five Trophies

Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez officially became coach Persib Bandung. (
Mario Gomez, will officially be with Persib with a duration of two years and a one year option at the end of the contract.

Consideration Persib pointed Gomez is due to his achievements with the team Super League Malaysia, Johor Darul Ta’Zim. He achieved success in 2015/2016, namely by winning five trophies ranging from Malaysia Super League champions 2015 and 2016, Charity Shield 2016, Malaysia 2016 FA Cup and AFC Cup 2015.

Irfan Jaya Comfortable in Persebaya, Reject Many Bids

Liga Indo News – Irfan Jaya ready to survive in Persebaya Surabaya in the competition next season. The best player of League 2 was admitted comfortable with Si Bajol Ijo. Irfan Jaya appearance with Persebaya very bright. He plays an important role in bringing Persebaya League 2 champion after defeating PSMS Medan in the final.

Irfan Jaya

Irfan Jaya name probably not many know. Irfan appearance began to climb when strengthening PSM Makassar U-21 and he became top scorer at ISC U-21. But when it was no senior club in ISL who tried to glance at it.

Persebaya finally recruited Irfan when it began to face League 2 competition. As a result, his appearance was growing and became the best player League 2.

Irfan insists will not move to another club, despite admitting many offers. Bantaeng birth players, South Sulawesi was admitted to have fallen in love with Persebaya.

“There are many clubs who want to contract me but I still want to play at Persebaya because I feel comfortable and happy here,” said Irfan when contacted on Wednesday (29/11/2017.

“This Persebaya team I see is like a family, the players are all close, well, good management, Bonek fans are also very close to the players, this is what makes me feel at home here,” he said.

Indonesia National Team Victory over Guyana

Liga Indo News – Indonesia National Team coach Luis Milla revealed his team’s successful recipe win over Guyana national team in a test pasarantogel match at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium on Saturday (25/11/2017). Indonesian national team won 2-1 in the game.
indonesian team
Guyana national team had superior first game running 9 minutes by kicking Shaquille Agard. However, the Indonesian national team can reverse the situation through Ilija Spasojevic brace.

“From today’s game I see two very good results,” said Luis Milla after the match as reported by

“The first half we played poorly, but we can find a solution to perform better in the second half and the results are good for us,” said the Spanish coach.

Milla said, in the second half, he ordered Evan Dimas and his friends to take over the attack on the goalkeeper Guyana.

Maximized effort through the wing sector finally paid off with Spasojevic second goal in the 75th minute after receiving feedback Febri Hariyadi. Previously, Spaso equalized through a penalty kick in the 76th minute.

“We finally broke the deadlock in the second half I see tonight’s game, we deserve to win,” Milla said.

This match is also a preparation for the Indonesian national team to face the Tsunami Cup tournament in early December.

Leave Bali United, Comvalius Join the Thai Club

Liga Bola – Sylvano Comvalius will officially continue his career in the Thai League next season. Not take long for Top scorer League 1 2017 season to get a new club after deciding not to renew the contract with Bali United. togel singapore


The 30-year-old striker has signed a two-year contract with Suphanburi.

“After traveling for nine years in the Netherlands, Malta, Scotland, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Ukraine and Indonesia, this story continues,” Comvalius wrote on his Instagram account.

“For the next two seasons I will play in Thailand and I have signed a contract with Thai Premier League club @Suphanburifc,” he continued.

Not only announced about his career next season, Comvalius also thanked.

“I can not wait to run the job with this club with all the potential and have one of the best facilities in Asia,” he said.

“Special thanks go to Menno and Thomas,” Comvalius said in a caption posted on Instagram.

Suphanburi who ranked 11th in the Thailand League 2017 season ever reinforced player passport Indonesia, Sergio van Dijk.

Sergio defend this club in the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

Septian David Claims get Offering from Malaysia

Liga Bola – Clubs in Malaysia continue to hunt the players of Indonesia stars. After Evan Dimas who reportedly agreed uniformed Selangor FA and Ilham Udin Armaiyn, now turn to Septian Davin Maulana who became the target of two neighboring country clubs.


Septian himself revealed the interest of the Malaysian club. He acknowledged that Melaka United and PKNS FC had already offered to take part in the Malaysian league’s highest caste.

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However, the U-23 Indonesia national team players have not been able to decide his future for the 2018 season. Currently he is still a Mitra Kukar player.

“There are offers from abroad, one of them who wants it in Malaysia, namely Melaka United and PKNS FC,” said Septian David in Cikarang, Bekasi regency, Wednesday (22/11/2017).

“They’ve offered me a contract, stay negotiable,”

In order to play outside Indonesia, soccer player from Semarang wanted to talk to Mitra Kukar’s management. Because, Septian wants to add flight hours.

Not only the Malaysian club, Septian also attracted a number of teams from within the country who play in the League 1 event. But Septian did not want to mention the clubs that interest.

“There are teams in the country also who asked me to join but it seems if in Indonesia, I still defend Mitra Kukar and baseball will be another team,” said Septian.

“But if in Malaysia, I want the same permission Mitra Kukar management, because I want to add flight hours,” added 22-year-old player.

Prime Training with Indonesian national team, Spaso Enthusiast

Liga News – Bhayangkara FC footballer Ilija Spasojevic underwent training preparation for the match of Traveling Tripballs League 1, Bhayangkara FC against Persela Lamongan, at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (26/10/2017). Bhayangkara FC Ilija Spasojevic footballer from Montenegro has been officially through the process of naturalization and has become an Indonesian citizen (WNI).
Bhayangkara FC footballer Agen Togel  Ilija Spasojevic underwent training preparation for the match of Traveling Tripballs League 1, Bhayangkara FC against Persela Lamongan, at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (26/10/2017). FC Ilija Spasojevic footballer from Montenegro has been officially through the process of naturalization and has become a citizen of Indonesia (WNI).
spaso liga indo – Indonesia national team striker, Ilija Spasojevic, said very happy to practice together with the Garuda squad at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang, West Java, Friday (17/11/2017).

Spasojevic along with 32 other players re-train ahead of facing Syria U-23 national team at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Saturday (18/11/2017).

The Bhayangkara FC attacker said his first training went very well.

He is very grateful to be trusted Indonesian national team coach Luis Milla entered in the player who was called.

“It’s incredible and this is my first practice when being part of the national team,” Spasojevic said on Friday (17/11/2017).

Montonegro attacker was seeing the young players belonging to Indonesia is very qualified.

Former players Persib Bandung and PSM Makassar was determined to bring Indonesia better national team into the pasaran togel future.

“I saw a lot of good and talented players in Indonesia so I’m optimistic that the future will be better,” said Spasojevic.

Spasojevic said his choice to become an Indonesian citizen (WNI) can not be separated from him who has lived in Indonesia for seven years.

He also has a wife from Makassar and was awarded two children born in Indonesia.
“For the national team we have to play with the heart and for that I want to help, I’m like a new kid in the national team,” Spasojevic said.

German media expose Indonesian League

Indonesia League – German media expose the ugliness of the Indonesian League because of the recognition of Sanogo. Former Madura United player, Boubacar Sanogo, revealed his experience playing in the League of Indonesia. Pasaran Togel He claimed not happy to play in the competition in the country because of very minimal facilities.
Ivory Coast striker was terminated his contract by Madura United management because his performance was not as expected. The player who once defended the German club, Werder Bremen, is very unproductive because only scored one goal.

Sanogo just feel at home in the Indonesian League for two months. Based on Soccerway data, he only played 231 minutes in the League 1 event.
Reporting from the German media, T-Online, Sanogo disclose his experience playing in the League of Indonesia. He opened his voice about his bad experience when grazing in Indonesia because the facilities in the stadium is not adequate, much different than the German League.
“I’m not happy to be in Indonesia, the structure is practically a mess,” he said when interviewed T-Online on Thursday (9/11/2017).
“At the practice site, we do not even have a dressing room or bath,” said Sanogo, Ivory Coast midfielder medio 2006-2010.
“So, we have to change clothes at home,” he added.(king4d)

Just three months
This 34-year-old togetherness with Madura United did not last long. “Sape Kerrap Warriors” officially did not extend Sanogo’s tenure from July 10, 2017, ahead of the second round of League 1.
Sonogo staying digadang to Madura United’s goal machine with Peter Odemwingie when first joined. However, he failed to contribute the maximum.

“As of July 10th, our cooperation with Sanogo is completed through considerations, based on the evaluation of team needs and hours of play,” said President Achsanul Qosasi at the time.
According to AQ, Achsanul best wishes, the decision to terminate the Sanogo contract is not an easy matter. Not only about the technical ability of the player, but also there are several other factors to be considered, including the difficulty of finding a substitute for the second round.
Sanogo’s statistics record with Madura United is not good enough. For the size of foreign players, the minute appear that he got quite minimal because it only plays in five matches, four of them as a substitute.

Sanogo is also only able to score one goal. Goal is he nets in the game against Persegres Gresik United.

Clarification Bhayangkara FC about Decision Komdis PSSI

Liga News – Evan Dimas (6) celebrates the Bhayangkara FC victory over Persib Bandung in the League 1 party at the Patriot Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017).
Evan Dimas (6) celebrates the Bhayangkara FC victory over Persib Bandung in the League 1 party at the Patriot Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017). (BHAYANGKARA FC)
poker 88 – Bhayangkara FC issued a statement related to the decision Komdis PSSI on November 5, 2017. In the decision, Komdis PSSI Bhayangkara FC said win over Mitra Kukar with a score of 3-0.

This decision changed the outcome of the match between the two teams that had previously ended in a 1-1 draw.

However, Bhayangkara FC finally got the victory because Mitra Kukar was found guilty of playing Mohamed Sissoko.

Mali midfielder is actually not able to perform in the game because it is in the sentence of two games.

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domino qiu qiu

In the decision Komdis PSSI on October 28, Komdis banned Sissoko appear in two games, namely against Bhayangkara FC and Persiba Balikpapan.

The decision of Komdis made Bhayangkara get angry accusation. Bhayangkara FC issued a clarification. Here’s the description:

“Fact: A copy of the decision of Discipline Commission PSSI Liga 1 dated October 28, 2017, in the case of disciplinary offenses, players Kukar Partner Moh Lamine Sissoko no 112 / L1 / SK / KD-PSSI / X / 2017, related to bad behavior of players in the match Mitra Kukar vs Borneo FC October 23, 2017 League 1.

For his actions, Sissoko is banned from playing twice, the match against Bhayangkara FC, dated November 3, 2017 and Persiba Balikpapan on November 11, 2017.

Looking at the fact that the decision was taken on October 28, 2017, while against Bhayangkara FC on November 3, 2017, it is very unlikely that Mitra Kukar does not receive the same e-mail notification as long as communication with the league is done via email.

In accordance with Article 57, Regulation 1 on the yellow and red cards of paragraphs 13 and 14 states, the provisions on yellow and red cards follow the rules set out in the discipline code.

The Club is also responsible for overseeing yellow and / or red cards and the status of penalties received by players and their respective officials and ensuring that all players and officers are registered and eligible to participate in the game.

Objections or protests delivered after the end of the game will be ignored.

That is, the club should always check and react related status of their players.

As well as when we could not play Indra Kahfi when against Persela. We are very cautious and inquired with regulatory related parties, codes of discipline, and changes in play dates against Madura.pasaran togel

At that time, even NBB Indra Kahfi not yet out when Bhayangkara FC was about to fight Persela (27/10/2017).


However, we continue to communicate with togel hongkong the League and Komdis which turned out Indra Kahfi get additional punishment for getting a red card against PSM Makassar October 19, 2017 ago.

Because of the procedure, NLB came out 1 week before the game, but the Komdis decision came out 3-4 days before the game.

So, in this case the club must actively see it in accordance with the sound of regulation.

Komdis is an independent body that is never and can not be intervened.

The fact we win in every game never gets anyone’s help either at home or away.

In fact, if you look at the standings Bhayangkara is the team that won the most from other teams in Liga1. So that we can convey for the future Indonesian football progress. Thank you.” agen togel

Real Madrid Need Kylian Mbappe, Not Harry Kane

Bola News – Real Madrid is still considered to need more Kylian Mbappe in the Spanish League and other titles, not the figure of Harry Kane.

Los Blancos continued to be linked with Togel Tottenham striker Harry Kane, but the former club star prefers to see his former club bring French young stars to the Spanish league.

Harry-Kane-696x480Real Madrid have to look for young players with exciting prospects like Kylian Mbappe instead of spending € 200 million ($ 3.15 billion) in cash just to bring a Harry Kane, said Steve McManaman.

Defending champions La Liga have continued to be linked with the prolific Tottenham striker, who has been touted as Cristiano Ronaldo’s natural successor in the Spanish capital

But McManaman feels that Real would be better off buying a young player with the potential to be a great player rather than buying a proven player.

The former Los Blancos midfielder told Marca ahead of Champions League clashes between the two clubs at Wembley which was won by the hosts 3-1.

“I prefer [Real Madrid to bring in] a young player like Kylian Mbappe. It is very difficult to sign a contract with Harry Kane. The current player price is crazy. Better to invest in young players. “

“You need to pay € 200 million for Kane and I do not understand the numbers.”

While McManaman feels the megatransfer for Kane does not make sense, with him convinced that the 24-year-old will find it easy to adapt in Spain if he finally chooses a move to the Bernabeau.

He added, “In England, clubs are very professional and it is the right place to visit. Kane can live in London because she is happy with her family. ”

“But if he moved to Real Madrid, surely he would have no problem in terms of adaptability.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and other players speak English and they can help him. Madrid is also a beautiful city. “

Hamstring’s injury, Nur Iskandar Threatened Absence Against Persegres

Bola News – Preparation of Sriwijaya FC host Persegres Gresik United in advanced League 1 slightly disturbed. The reason, one of the mercurial players M Nur Iskandar hamstring injury to the left thigh after the opponent of Bali United on 30 October.

According to Physiotherapy Sriwijaya FC, Maradona, a former player of Semen Padang this must rest a few days. It’s very risky to force him to play full.

“He has to rest for a few days so he may not play Persegres,” he said on Thursday (2/11/2017).

m nur iskandar.jpg

He explained, the change of M Nur Iskandar when the opponent of Bali United is right. At that time, Slamet Widodo came on for M Nur in the 57th minute.

“Full recovery and therapy, then separate training from the squad can make Nur Iskandar again recovered,” he said.

Maradona also can not be sure when Nur Iskandar can graze again. There is no guarantee the player will perform against Persipura Jayapura in the last game of League 1.

“After the opponent Persegres, we see his condition first after that just give recommendation to the head coach,” he said.

Meanwhile, head coach of Sriwijaya FC, Hartono Ruslan, not so worried if Nur Iskandar did not play.

“There are still replacements like Slamet, Anis and Airlangga, they can play in that position,” Hartono said.

U-19 national team Indonesia conquered Timor-Leste with a score of 5-0

Bola News – U-19 national team Indonesia conquered Timor-Leste with a score of 5-0 in the qualifying match Group F Asian Cup Qualification U-19 2018 at Stadium Paju, South Korea, Thursday (2/11/2017). Egy Maulana Vikri became a field star after incised a hat trick aka three goals.

timnas u19 menang

Thus, Indonesia has gain two victories with an identical score because the first game “Garuda Nusantara” also bulldoze Brunei 5-0. Furthermore, the troops made by Indra Sjafri will face the host, South Korea, on 4 November.

Actually this qualification does not give impact to Indonesia that has been confirmed to qualify for the U-19 Asian Cup finals next year. The status of the host makes the ticket already automatically owned by Indonesia so that this qualification becomes a “trial” event.

At the beginning of the game, Indonesia had difficulty penetrating the opponent’s defense. As a result, the first half ended in a goalless draw.

After that, U-19 Indonesia national team coach Indra Sjafri made changes, including playing Egy and Saddil Ramdani. Team performance improved dramatically in the second half, where they continued to bombard Timor-Leste’s defense.

Saddil opened the tap goal Indonesia through a hard shot from outside the penalty box in the 50th minute. Nine minutes later, Hanis Saghara Putra’s turn to launch a classy goal. With his left foot from inside the penalty box, he did the placing and the round skin slid into the top right corner of the East Timor goal.

After winning two goals, Egy started jerking. He bought up the last three goals in the 84th minute, 87th, and an additional minute at the end of the second half.

With this victory, Indonesia firmly at the top of Group F standings with Raihan six points. They also carve a record 10 goals and without conceding.


U-19 national team Indonesia (4-1-3-1-1): 23-Aqil Savik; 12-Rifad Marasabessy, 13-Rachmat Irianto, 5-Nurhidayat, 11-Firza Andika; 7-M Luthfi Baharsyah; 20-Asnawi Mangku Bahar, 6-M Iqbal, 8-Witan Sulaeman; 16-Resky Witriawan; 19-Hanis Saghara

Coach: Indra Sjafri

Evan Dimas Want playing with Egy Maulana Vikri as a Team

Bola NewsU-19 national team striker Indonesia, Egy Maulana Vikri, won the Jouer Revelation Trophee title.
U-19 national team striker Indonesia, Egy Maulana Vikri, won the Jouer Revelation Trophee title. (Dock PSSI)

evan dimas – Bhayangkara FC midfielder, Evan Dimas, answered the questioning his desire teamed with Egy Maulana Vikri next season.

Egy Maulana indeed look alluring with U-19 national team at AFF Cup U-18 2017. Medan players also won the top scorer title in the tournament.

After the tournament, Indonesian football lover imagines duet collaboration Egy-Evan Dimas materialized.

“Yes, I want a team with Egy Who would not want to?” Evan said to, some time ago.

“Egy is a very good player, let alone his age is still young,” said U-22 Indonesia national team player.

Indonesian national team midfielder Evan Dimas is trying to get past Thailand players in the 2017 SEA Games group stage match at Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday (8/15/2017).
Indonesian national team midfielder Evan Dimas is trying to get past Thailand players in the 2017 SEA Games group stage match at Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday (08/15/2017). ( Yanis)

Even so, Evan also still hope that Egy can develop his talent with teams outside Indonesia.

“Egy has talent, I hope she can play abroad to develop her talent,” Evan said some time ago.


Now, Egy chose to focus on academics. The 2016 Soeratin Cup’s top scorer is sitting in third grade at the Ragunan Center for Sport Education and Training (PPLP).

Even so, there are signs Egy will have a career in Europe in 2018. Representative of the player, Subagja Suihan, said that Egy almost certainly strengthen one club in Italy or Spain.

Meanwhile, Evan is struggling with Bhayangkara FC to win the League 1 season 2017. Until the 26th week, the team nicknamed The Guardian lead the standings with 53 points. (Segaf Abdullah).

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Bhayangkara FC Ready to be a Champion

Bola NewsBhayangkara FC earned a point when they playing at the Stadium Si Jalak Harupat Persib Bandung. A 1-1 draw makes Bhayangkara still entrenched at the top of the standings with a notch 53 points.

Bhayangkara FC Management, Police Commissioner (Kompol) Bayu Pratama said Simon McMenemy’s squad is targeting full results in the remaining League 1 games. Victory is the price to die for Bhayangkara in the remaining eight matches.

bayangkara fc bola

“The next game must continue to reach full points, so that until the end can become the 1st champion. We are optimistic Bhayangkara achieve the maximum results of the last eight games,” said Bayu when met at the event watching together Police with BNI in Epicentrum Walk, Kuningan, Jakarta, Sunday 24 September 2017.

Bayu explained, facing Persija in the last fight, Bhayangkara will play more relaxed. Bhara Mania will certainly always be the champion of the club in the next crucial matches.

“The last match against Persija Jakarta will be decisive, so Bhayangkara will play more relaxed, Bhara Mania must give support,” Bayu said.

“Every game there is about 2,500 to 3,000 Bhara Mania, it will continue to be our conspiracy for the victory of our favorite team,” he said. (ase)

Two Coin Drums Failed Submitted to PSSI

Bola News – Supporters Persib while pouring coin money donated fans to the drum in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Wednesday (27/09/2017)
Supporters Persib while pouring coin money donated fans to the drum in Graha Persib, Jalan Sulanjana, Wednesday (27/09/2017)

viking coin

BANDUNG, – Two drums coins worth Rp 50 million failed to be submitted to the PSSI. Bandung Persib Management had already paid the fine amount.

Nevertheless, coin money co-produced by Persib supporters (Bobotoh) to pay a fine sanction from the Disciplinary Commission related to the configuration of ‘Save Rohingya’ is still accepted by management. The money was eventually donated by management to victims of the Rohingya ethnicity.

Responding to that, Viking frontman Yana Umar claimed could not do much. Therefore, the coin was accepted by Persib management. Suppose rejected, said Yana, it is ready to send two coin drums to the headquarters PSSI in Jakarta.

“We are ready to coordinate with Persib as to (mechanism) of delivery, because we still have to coordinate to Persib because Persib is fined,” said Yana after handing over the coins it to the management of Persib on Jalan Sulanjana, Wednesday (27/09/2017) afternoon.

“If for example today Persib refused this coin, I will go to Jakarta directly with the children, but Persib accept, what else, because Persib who fined,” he said.

Yana was aware there are some considerations of management until the end of bobotoh donation funds are not submitted to the PSSI. One reason, Yana worried PSSI will be hurt by the action bobotoh which will have an impact on the birth of a decision that actually harm Bobotoh.

Read Also: Satria Tama get praise from Madura United Coach

“What I fear, if you want to go directly to the PSSI later behind him a little fine to Persib, knowing itself PSSI like .. Maybe feel hurt if this coin to the PSSI We worry that the tip of a small thing to be fine, “he said.

Yana did not want to intervene how the management Persib manage coins. However, the action is a sign that loyalty bobotoh still great for Persib.

“The important thing is we have to convey this coin to Persib Persib already pay, please just for the coin Persib.Obviously this amanah from bobotoh, from citizens of Bandung and from supporters in other areas.Insha Allah on ridho lah.problem persib willing to donate to Rohingya or wherever it is up to Persib, the important bobotoh already give to Persib, “he said.

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Satria Tama get praise from Madura United Coach

BOLA INA – Coach Persegres Gresik United Hanafi (right) and Satria Tama (left), after the match counter Barito Putera.
Coach Persegres Gresik United Hanafi (right) and Satria Tama (left), after the game counter Barito Putera. (

GRESIK, – Madura United fulfills its ambition to subvert Persegres Gresik United. In the League 1 match held at the Petrokimia Stadium, Gresik, Tuesday (26/09/2017) night, Madura United won 3-0.

satria tama

The winning goal of the Gomes de Oliviera landing team was produced by Engelberd Sani in the eighth minute, Thiago Furtuoso (58 ‘) and Fachruddin Wahyudi Aryanto (72’).

However, Gomes still give praise to Persegres goalkeeper, Satria Tama, who managed to thwart some good opportunities Madura United.

“He (Satria Tama) is very good in my eyes, like a leader. I see he is young but playing like a senior, “said Gomes after the match.

In the game, Satria Tama again showed his quality with several times thwart the opponent’s chances. He also several times had to get out of the nest to dispel the Madura United attack so that the goal only conceded three times.

But when met after the game, Satria Tama said it is not worthy to bear praise to play well in the game. For him, it was useless because Persegres lost.

“Where’s a good goalkeeper whose team is losing? Sorry I’m no longer able to speak, let others just give a comment, “said Satria Tama with a disappointed tone.

After returning from the Indonesian national team and recovering from injury, Satria Tama is the main choice under the crossbar. Unfortunately, the skill of Satria Tama is not balanced with solid defense so that Persegres goalkeeper still often collapse.

Egy Maulana choose EUROPE

BOLA INA – The desire Egy Maulana Vikri for a career abroad will soon materialize.

This is known after the meeting between Egy, Raden Isnanta (Deputy III of Sports Culture Kemenpora), Indra Sjafri, and Subagja Suihan (Egil Trustees) in a mall in Jakarta, Tuesday (26/09/2017). In the pertemun, there were also foreign agents.

“The development is already 80 percent and the rest of the contract signature stay, we agreed to escort Egy to be a soccer player who is useful for himself and Indonesia,” Subagja said to KOMPAS.COM, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

Egy Maulana

Subagja explains that Egy is projected to strengthen one of the clubs in Italy or Spain.

“After South Korea (Asian Cup Qualification U-19), I will go to Europe to see the academy or the club,” said Subagja.

While strengthening one club in Europe, Egy is no longer a trial status. The player who became the top scorer in the AFF Cup U-18 2017 will be attempted for a career in the club.

“The direction of the career at the club I do not want some kind of trial,” he explained.”


The player from Medan must first finish his education in PPLP (Center for Education and Sports Training) and focus U-19 national team.

“He must first in the national team to pass Indonesia to the U-20 World Cup,” he said.

Persib Bandung not on Good Performance

BOLA INA – Persib Bandung reap a series of mega389 negative results in the Ford League 1 2017. In the three home games, successive Persib only able to achieve a draw.

First, Persib play 2-2 against Semen Padang, 0-0 against Bali United, and last 1-1 against Bhayangkara FC. The incision is obviously quite detrimental considering in three games that Persib lost six points that should be maximized.


“Most unfortunate time opponents Semen Padang and Bali United, yesterday also (against Bhayangkara FC) all can see it, all players have the maximum, I also praise the players,” said Persib Manager Umuh Muchtar, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

According to him, there is a luck factor that does not overshadow Persib. He cited in the last game. At that time, Persib mastered the game and created many opportunities. But, Persib unable to reap victory.

“Yesterday we also had many opportunities (scored) and the ball is also much controlled Persib .. But Dewi Fortuna does not support, so what can make,” he said.

Umuh claimed not to understand the conditions that occur. Therefore, the maximum struggle of the players on the field never be fruitful. He even resigned to the condition.

“If Allah SWT has not given permission, Allah SWT gives us the trial of patience, so what can make, we just surrender,” he concluded.