Septian David Claims get Offering from Malaysia

Liga Bola – Clubs in Malaysia continue to hunt the players of Indonesia stars. After Evan Dimas who reportedly agreed uniformed Selangor FA and Ilham Udin Armaiyn, now turn to Septian Davin Maulana who became the target of two neighboring country clubs.


Septian himself revealed the interest of the Malaysian club. He acknowledged that Melaka United and PKNS FC had already offered to take part in the Malaysian league’s highest caste.

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However, the U-23 Indonesia national team players have not been able to decide his future for the 2018 season. Currently he is still a Mitra Kukar player.

“There are offers from abroad, one of them who wants it in Malaysia, namely Melaka United and PKNS FC,” said Septian David in Cikarang, Bekasi regency, Wednesday (22/11/2017).

“They’ve offered me a contract, stay negotiable,”

In order to play outside Indonesia, soccer player from Semarang wanted to talk to Mitra Kukar’s management. Because, Septian wants to add flight hours.

Not only the Malaysian club, Septian also attracted a number of teams from within the country who play in the League 1 event. But Septian did not want to mention the clubs that interest.

“There are teams in the country also who asked me to join but it seems if in Indonesia, I still defend Mitra Kukar and baseball will be another team,” said Septian.

“But if in Malaysia, I want the same permission Mitra Kukar management, because I want to add flight hours,” added 22-year-old player.


Prime Training with Indonesian national team, Spaso Enthusiast

Liga News – Bhayangkara FC footballer Ilija Spasojevic underwent training preparation for the match of Traveling Tripballs League 1, Bhayangkara FC against Persela Lamongan, at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (26/10/2017). Bhayangkara FC Ilija Spasojevic footballer from Montenegro has been officially through the process of naturalization and has become an Indonesian citizen (WNI).
Bhayangkara FC footballer Agen Togel  Ilija Spasojevic underwent training preparation for the match of Traveling Tripballs League 1, Bhayangkara FC against Persela Lamongan, at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Thursday (26/10/2017). FC Ilija Spasojevic footballer from Montenegro has been officially through the process of naturalization and has become a citizen of Indonesia (WNI).
spaso liga indo – Indonesia national team striker, Ilija Spasojevic, said very happy to practice together with the Garuda squad at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Cikarang, West Java, Friday (17/11/2017).

Spasojevic along with 32 other players re-train ahead of facing Syria U-23 national team at Mukti Wibawa Stadium, Saturday (18/11/2017).

The Bhayangkara FC attacker said his first training went very well.

He is very grateful to be trusted Indonesian national team coach Luis Milla entered in the player who was called.

“It’s incredible and this is my first practice when being part of the national team,” Spasojevic said on Friday (17/11/2017).

Montonegro attacker was seeing the young players belonging to Indonesia is very qualified.

Former players Persib Bandung and PSM Makassar was determined to bring Indonesia better national team into the pasaran togel future.

“I saw a lot of good and talented players in Indonesia so I’m optimistic that the future will be better,” said Spasojevic.

Spasojevic said his choice to become an Indonesian citizen (WNI) can not be separated from him who has lived in Indonesia for seven years.

He also has a wife from Makassar and was awarded two children born in Indonesia.
“For the national team we have to play with the heart and for that I want to help, I’m like a new kid in the national team,” Spasojevic said.

German media expose Indonesian League

Indonesia League – German media expose the ugliness of the Indonesian League because of the recognition of Sanogo. Former Madura United player, Boubacar Sanogo, revealed his experience playing in the League of Indonesia. Pasaran Togel He claimed not happy to play in the competition in the country because of very minimal facilities.
Ivory Coast striker was terminated his contract by Madura United management because his performance was not as expected. The player who once defended the German club, Werder Bremen, is very unproductive because only scored one goal.

Sanogo just feel at home in the Indonesian League for two months. Based on Soccerway data, he only played 231 minutes in the League 1 event.
Reporting from the German media, T-Online, Sanogo disclose his experience playing in the League of Indonesia. He opened his voice about his bad experience when grazing in Indonesia because the facilities in the stadium is not adequate, much different than the German League.
“I’m not happy to be in Indonesia, the structure is practically a mess,” he said when interviewed T-Online on Thursday (9/11/2017).
“At the practice site, we do not even have a dressing room or bath,” said Sanogo, Ivory Coast midfielder medio 2006-2010.
“So, we have to change clothes at home,” he added.(king4d)

Just three months
This 34-year-old togetherness with Madura United did not last long. “Sape Kerrap Warriors” officially did not extend Sanogo’s tenure from July 10, 2017, ahead of the second round of League 1.
Sonogo staying digadang to Madura United’s goal machine with Peter Odemwingie when first joined. However, he failed to contribute the maximum.

“As of July 10th, our cooperation with Sanogo is completed through considerations, based on the evaluation of team needs and hours of play,” said President Achsanul Qosasi at the time.
According to AQ, Achsanul best wishes, the decision to terminate the Sanogo contract is not an easy matter. Not only about the technical ability of the player, but also there are several other factors to be considered, including the difficulty of finding a substitute for the second round.
Sanogo’s statistics record with Madura United is not good enough. For the size of foreign players, the minute appear that he got quite minimal because it only plays in five matches, four of them as a substitute.

Sanogo is also only able to score one goal. Goal is he nets in the game against Persegres Gresik United.

Clarification Bhayangkara FC about Decision Komdis PSSI

Liga News – Evan Dimas (6) celebrates the Bhayangkara FC victory over Persib Bandung in the League 1 party at the Patriot Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017).
Evan Dimas (6) celebrates the Bhayangkara FC victory over Persib Bandung in the League 1 party at the Patriot Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017). (BHAYANGKARA FC)
poker 88 – Bhayangkara FC issued a statement related to the decision Komdis PSSI on November 5, 2017. In the decision, Komdis PSSI Bhayangkara FC said win over Mitra Kukar with a score of 3-0.

This decision changed the outcome of the match between the two teams that had previously ended in a 1-1 draw.

However, Bhayangkara FC finally got the victory because Mitra Kukar was found guilty of playing Mohamed Sissoko.

Mali midfielder is actually not able to perform in the game because it is in the sentence of two games.

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domino qiu qiu

In the decision Komdis PSSI on October 28, Komdis banned Sissoko appear in two games, namely against Bhayangkara FC and Persiba Balikpapan.

The decision of Komdis made Bhayangkara get angry accusation. Bhayangkara FC issued a clarification. Here’s the description:

“Fact: A copy of the decision of Discipline Commission PSSI Liga 1 dated October 28, 2017, in the case of disciplinary offenses, players Kukar Partner Moh Lamine Sissoko no 112 / L1 / SK / KD-PSSI / X / 2017, related to bad behavior of players in the match Mitra Kukar vs Borneo FC October 23, 2017 League 1.

For his actions, Sissoko is banned from playing twice, the match against Bhayangkara FC, dated November 3, 2017 and Persiba Balikpapan on November 11, 2017.

Looking at the fact that the decision was taken on October 28, 2017, while against Bhayangkara FC on November 3, 2017, it is very unlikely that Mitra Kukar does not receive the same e-mail notification as long as communication with the league is done via email.

In accordance with Article 57, Regulation 1 on the yellow and red cards of paragraphs 13 and 14 states, the provisions on yellow and red cards follow the rules set out in the discipline code.

The Club is also responsible for overseeing yellow and / or red cards and the status of penalties received by players and their respective officials and ensuring that all players and officers are registered and eligible to participate in the game.

Objections or protests delivered after the end of the game will be ignored.

That is, the club should always check and react related status of their players.

As well as when we could not play Indra Kahfi when against Persela. We are very cautious and inquired with regulatory related parties, codes of discipline, and changes in play dates against Madura.pasaran togel

At that time, even NBB Indra Kahfi not yet out when Bhayangkara FC was about to fight Persela (27/10/2017).


However, we continue to communicate with togel hongkong the League and Komdis which turned out Indra Kahfi get additional punishment for getting a red card against PSM Makassar October 19, 2017 ago.

Because of the procedure, NLB came out 1 week before the game, but the Komdis decision came out 3-4 days before the game.

So, in this case the club must actively see it in accordance with the sound of regulation.

Komdis is an independent body that is never and can not be intervened.

The fact we win in every game never gets anyone’s help either at home or away.

In fact, if you look at the standings Bhayangkara is the team that won the most from other teams in Liga1. So that we can convey for the future Indonesian football progress. Thank you.” agen togel

Real Madrid Need Kylian Mbappe, Not Harry Kane

Bola News – Real Madrid is still considered to need more Kylian Mbappe in the Spanish League and other titles, not the figure of Harry Kane.

Los Blancos continued to be linked with Togel Tottenham striker Harry Kane, but the former club star prefers to see his former club bring French young stars to the Spanish league.

Harry-Kane-696x480Real Madrid have to look for young players with exciting prospects like Kylian Mbappe instead of spending € 200 million ($ 3.15 billion) in cash just to bring a Harry Kane, said Steve McManaman.

Defending champions La Liga have continued to be linked with the prolific Tottenham striker, who has been touted as Cristiano Ronaldo’s natural successor in the Spanish capital

But McManaman feels that Real would be better off buying a young player with the potential to be a great player rather than buying a proven player.

The former Los Blancos midfielder told Marca ahead of Champions League clashes between the two clubs at Wembley which was won by the hosts 3-1.

“I prefer [Real Madrid to bring in] a young player like Kylian Mbappe. It is very difficult to sign a contract with Harry Kane. The current player price is crazy. Better to invest in young players. “

“You need to pay € 200 million for Kane and I do not understand the numbers.”

While McManaman feels the megatransfer for Kane does not make sense, with him convinced that the 24-year-old will find it easy to adapt in Spain if he finally chooses a move to the Bernabeau.

He added, “In England, clubs are very professional and it is the right place to visit. Kane can live in London because she is happy with her family. ”

“But if he moved to Real Madrid, surely he would have no problem in terms of adaptability.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and other players speak English and they can help him. Madrid is also a beautiful city. “